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My name is George Trifu. I am 48-year-old, born in the beautiful region of Dobrogea, seaside of Black Sea.

I finished the high school at Ploiesti Industrial no. 22 where at the age of 16 I began to learn the secrets of using various metal processing machinery and among others, I got acquainted with a welding device for the first time. By that time there were no welding machines performing as today. I have experienced a low voltage transformer and two cables (negative and positive) that was a positively gripping for that you used a simply electrode and start working with a protective cardboard mask with a smoked glass, with glass candle, otherwise the welding powerful light would've burnt your eyes and you would've had plenty of sleepless nights due to pain of the eyes. It's the way we learned to weld in the 80's & 90's. Metal processing past experience adapted to the modern technique today and I moved with the times.

I offer you a very wide beach of innovation and adaptation to any type of welding and any type of material. Doesn't matter if is pure raw iron or semi-finishing steel, stainless steel or iron galvanized, welding has no secrets for me and that's why in my welding practical school I want to convey to those who want to learn a new craft, a well-paid job or why not a hobby for those attracted to metalworking. 

The way I teach is based on 10% theory and 90% practice. Exactly the way that's missing today from many vocational schools. 

There's a Romanian saying: "the theory as theory, but the practice kills us". This is why my students won’t get bored of scientific words they don’t understand. They will learn about safety and protection measures and the rest of the time we will be to burn the metal on all sides.

I'm a sociable guy that knows laugh is important for us as a human so you'll hear some good jokes during class hours but also very pliable with those who really want something out of their life. 

Crafting is a gold bracelet. No matter where you go you will find a stable and well-paid work, this is the reason why you must start learning to weld! With me!

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